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Winter Industry Reception About Companies

For more info on these organizations who plan to attend the event, please visit their web pages.

Office at the Event:

Fast Enterprises, LLC

Office at the Event:HQ, representating all sites
Other Offices: In about half of the states and multiple sites abroad.
About Us: Fast Enterprises, LLC is an industry leader in the development and installation of software for government agencies. In 1998 we forever changed the way government revenue agencies support their business with the introduction of GenTax®. This commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution has enabled many agencies to take advantage of package implementations, providing more cost efficient and fully functional software systems to our clients. We have expanded beyond tax and now do implementations for Motor Vehicle, Drivers License, Unemployment Insurance and Unemployment Benefit agencies. Much of the work at FAST happens on our client sites as part of the product implementation. Individuals who understand the technical aspects of systems implementation as well as the business needs of our clients fill these positions. Employees participate in the full project life cycle from requirements gathering through production support.
Hiring Interns!!
  • CS-BS/BA